The Talismanic Hell's Gate Edition of Crown Prince of the Sabbat consists of 36 hand-made books bound in Gold Snake Skin, pages gilded in 24 carat gold leaf, end-papers stamped in 24 carat gold. Black silk ribbon marker. Signed, sigilised and individually consecrated in ritual possession as the Body of the Crown Sabbat Prince and Gateway to His Realm. 420 printed pages, thick millboard covers. deluse black end-papers. Presented in a solander box.
 Sold Out. 


The Devil's Crown Deluxe Edition of The Witchblood Grail consists of a limited edition of 36 books hand-bound in high quality black and white polished snake skin. Bound around thick millboard covers, stamped with the Seal of The Devil's Crown, pages gilded in 24 carat gold - presented in a solander box.


The Deluxe Sacrificial Soul Edition consists of a limited edition of 33 books of high quality black polished snake skin, hand-bound around thick millboard covers. 


Front cover adorned with the Seal of the Dragon Grail, embossed and stamped in rich 24 Carat Gold Leaf. Finished with luxuriously thick Peregrina Majestic Medal Bronze endpapers. Five beautiful raised spine bands. Black silk ribbon bookmarker. Deluxe volumes are be signed and sigilised with ink infused with the author's own blood. All copies are enclosed within a gold stamped solander box. Sold out.


Through the work of Dr. Connell Monette – Associate Professor of Religion and Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs at the Al Akhawayn University of Ifrane, Morocco – the path of soul evolution within the Primal Witch Craft of Hecate, has been recognised by the Academic Community. Hecate’s Witchflame Path is illuminated alongside other mystical currents within Dr. Monette’s latest book: Mysticism in the 21st Century. Within this academic text book Dr. Monette examines five contemporary spiritual movements: Hermeticism, Paganism, Sufism, Tantra, and Yoga. Alongside myself several other devotees collaborated with Dr. Monette to assist in the creation of a book that presents an academic study of several of the world’s mystical paths. These people are: Shri Kapilnath, Stephen Abdullah Trevathan, Anton Long, Jall, Mark Alan Smith, Robert Svoboda, Zhander Remete, Emma Balnaves, Michael Kelly, HH Bir Krishna das Goswami, and Andrea Olivera.

As well as being presented as an educational investment to the universities of the world the book will be on sale to the greater masses and may be purchased directly from the publisher’s own website.

Details of the events leading up to Primal Craft’s recognition within this theatre of operations can be found in the News section of this website and here


The Scorpion God

The Scorpion God Silk-bound Edition consists of 999 hand-numbered tomes. Each volume individually consecrated and dedicated to its patron, Belial. The third volume of the Trident consists of the Six Books of the Forbidden Wisdom of Belial, which open the gates of the Depths to the soul who follows the Path of Flames in search of the Three Great Crowns of Divinity.

As Lord of the Heights and the Depths, Belial grants keys to the hidden power of the Atlantean realm. The Gates of Amenta are opened both within the soul and throughout the inner planes, allowing the adept to follow the Path of Lucifer's Flames as it descends into the realm of the Gods of the first incarnate race. Assimilation, at soul level, of the power of the Scorpion Godform of Belial is granted in order to facilitate this transition. This is the culmination of the Path of Flames within the Trident Trilogy which leads the Godsoul, forged from the spirit of man, beyond the Gate of Souls and back to the throne of Hecate. 
The Scorpion God. Publishing date 02/02/2012 Now Sold Out. 


The Scorpion God Venom Edition consists of 73 Deluxe copies hand bound in full earthen olive goat. Stamped in 24 carat Gold leaf with the Seal of the Scorpion. Thick black endpapers, dark silk ribbon marker. Edges gilded with 24 carat Gold. Slipcased. Each copy was signed and sigilised with ink infused with blood before being individually consecrated with Belial, in ritual possession.


The luxury Thaumiel edition consists of 66 books bound in full red goat. Gilded edges. slipcased and with a silk marker. This edition bears the seal of the Cardinal Crown of Thaumiel.

These books were sigilised on the eve of the the full moon with ink that had been ritually infused with my own blood. They were then consecrated on the night of the full moon in a state of intense possession with Lucifer's energy flowing through both flesh and soul to awaken the spirits of the Witchcraft and open the gateways within each book. Sold out.

The Red King

The Red King is the second volume of the Trident of Witchcraft. This substantial book reveals the true Gnosis of Lucifer; as the God who ante-dates the entire Christian mythos; which has been hidden from man for thousands of years.

Image from the Red King

The Red King consists of the Six Books of Lucifer and returns more of the lost and previously fragmented gnosis of the Witchcraft. From the work of the Toad Witch - advancing beyond the initial rite - to the Books of the Lost Keys of Power, this knowledge must be placed back into the hands of man in order to restore the correct balance of power to the Path of Ascension which leads from immortal soul to Divine form.

The acquisition of the gnosis within The Red King is the result of direct contact with Lucifer and the Gods of the Witchcraft. This work follows the path within Queen of Hell from the Throne of Hecate to the depths of the Atlantean inner planes below the Nightside realm of the Witch.

This is the journey of the soul who quests for the Three Great Crowns of Divinity. Lucifer ignites His Path of Flame in the depths which leads the questing soul towards divinity.

Images from The Red King


The Red King was released in a strictly limited edition of 999 standard copies and 66 deluxe copies. All copies were hand numbered. 

Regular Edition The Standard edition is bound in shimmering midnight blue cloth and embossed with the seal of the Perfect Red King of Sulphur. Printed on thick high quality paper and finished with black endpapers. Fifteen beautiful full page illustrations. 
The Thaumiel Edition consists of 66 deluxe copies bound in full, blood red, goat. Gold stamped with the seal of the Cardinal Crown of Thaumiel. Gilded edges. Thick endpapers. Dark red silk ribbon. Slipcased. The Thaumiel edition will each be signed and sigillised with ink that has been ritually infused with my own blood before they are individually consecrated. All copies of Thaumiel Edition have been reserved. 


The Red King - published on 02/02/2011 - now Sold Out.

These books are seeds of gnosis.  



The Luxury Trident edition of Queen of Hell consists of 81 deluxe copies bound in full black Morocco leather. Thick heavy endpapers. Gold stamped with the Mark of the Trident. Guilded edges. This beautiful slipcased and very limited hand bound edition was both signed and sigilised before its ritual consecration. Sold out.

Trident Edition Queen of Hell
Trident Edition Queen of Hell


Baptism of Fire, published in Avalonia's book Hekate: Her Sacred Fires, gives a soul baring account of my own very intense and personal experiences in undertaking the Rite of the Phoenix, one of the most powerful of all transmutational rituals, the practical application of which is given in my own book Queen of Hell.

HEKATE: HER SACRED FIRES is is a huge A4 book containing 308 pages and is released May 2010 and may be pre-ordered now direct from AVALONIA PUBLISHING via their website at

Sacred Fires


Queen of Hell cover

Queen of Hell, published on 14/04/2010. Sold out.

This book has been created from love, devotion and the intense work that I have carried out as a student of Hecate in bringing back the lost gnosis connected with the Dark Queen. The links and connections to other spirits and Witch Gods within the book have been set in place by the path of learning upon which the Goddess has guided me.

From the opening pages the Path of Hecate is woven within the book leading those who would truly know the Dark Witchflame Goddess in soul transmutation and ascension; through the praxis of sexual magick; into and beyond the doorways of the Nightside Realm. From the Lore of Malefica and the higher powers of the Inner Sanctum of Thaumiel; incorporating the extensively detailed Toad Rite and the conjuring of the Magickal Fire of the Gods; the three phases of spiritual Alkemy are encountered. The pathway leads beyond the Gate of Thaumiel's Moon back to the Dark Throne of the Queen of Hell, Heaven and Earth.

This book is about contact.

All copies of Queen of Hell are hand-numbered and will be individually consecrated. The substantial text contains 12 beautiful full page illustrations. Printed on high quality heavy paper. Finished with black endpapers. Bound in dark green shimmering cloth
, marked with the Crown of Hecate. This is a strictly limited edition of 999 copies.

A deluxe Trident edition of 81 copies has been specially commissioned. Bound in full black Morroco leather each book has a black silk ribbon. Gold blocked with the Mark of the Trident of Witchcraft. Gilded edges and finished with black endpapers. Copies are slipcased. Ritually consecrated and individually signed and sigilised.

Understanding the Path

From my own experiences in the evocation of the spirits of the Witch Craft, and the mapping of the soul's transition through the veil of time, a greater understanding of the path of Hecate is shown within this work. Through Her direct teaching the Goddess of Witchcraft reveals a little more of Her origins and role in both our past and future.

This work is published by Ixaxaar in issue 4 of  Clavicula Nox  - sold out.

Clavicula Nox IV

Faces of a King

An essay which explores in great detail my evocational and ritual possession work with the Witch God Belial. Little is written of this ancient and mighty being, and less still is understood. Those working with the Lemegeton, Red Dragon and Grimorium Verum; as well as anyone who wishes to explore the relationship between The Lord of Wisdom and the Witchflame Goddess, particularly those who are already involved in the darker aspects of spirit evocation within the Witchcraft; will find this piece as interesting as it is informative.

Cutting the cord

A short yet very descriptive work which gives an in-depth analysis of my own very personal experiences with the evocative poem Qutub by Andrew Chumbley.

Both of the above works are published in the book Diabolical 
by Scarlet Imprint. Sold out.


Love in the Darkness

This piece, which is dedicated to the Goddess Hecate, is an overview of my life and work with the Queen of Hell. From childhood contact to Qlippothic initiation it maps the pathways which the Dark Lady has illuminated for me through the works of Traditional Witchcraft, sabbatic exploration and ritual possession.

This work is published in Scarlet Imprint's book Devoted. Sold out.