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The Temple of Four Pillars is the Mother Temple of the Primal Craft. This structure, located in the Spanish mountains, is a permanent gate to the Atlantean inner plane realm that was opened with the primal formula of the Backward way - as described in The Altar of Sacrifice. The Atlantean Current that contains the lost and forbidden knowledge of the First Faith is returned to the inner and subtle planes of our own world through vortices opened within the temple. It is within the heart of this Mother Temple that chosen devotees may be initiated directly into this Arte. The Mother Temple acts as the hub to which all tributary temples are conjoined through the Dragon Lines of the earth and the inner planes. The formula through which other devotees may open such temples - conjoining these to the Mother Temple - is given within the Primal Craft grimoire, The Altar of Sacrifice. 

The Temple of Four Pillars of Fire - The Mother Temple of Primal Craft in the Spanish mountains


These four temples are to be dedicated as the actual thrones of the Four Great Witch Gods within which their Primal Vortices will be opened. The formula for this is granted unto the chosen souls who undertake specific initiations at the Mother Temple - placing their names into the Book of Hecate before baring their souls to each of the Four Flames of the Gods. The Four Pillars of Fire must then be opened as gateways in sacrificial rites that are revealed within the initiation process. When all four pillars have been correctly opened and conjoined to the Mother Temple, the Flames of Behemoth that flow through the Dragon Lines will ignite both Pillars of Flame and Mother Temple with a spiritual force unseen since the Primal Aeon.


The formation of the Garden of the Fountain of the Gods is the manifestation of one of the Great Temple Gateways of Hecate through which the Kalas of Stellar Flame of the Supreme Dark Goddess are earthed. This reification of Hecate's Higher Star Fire - that will flow throughout the planet itself, pouring into the Dragon Lines through the dedicated and empowered temple formations created within the Garden - is a part of the process through which the planet, as the living Body of Belial, will begin to purify and cleanse itself of the toxicity and poisoning of the land caused by man. It is work in which the devotees of the Craft assist the Gods themselves in the cleansing of this living world - the interaction of Witchcraft with the living and spiritual world.

The Garden of the Fountain of the Gods is being created upon privately owned land in rural England - the ground broken, the earth turned, the first trees re-planted and the locations of the individual temple's gates of power have been selected. This huge project - which will reach completion within the next several years - marks the return of one of the first of the Great Stellar Gateways, Vortices and Temples of the Ancient Atlantean Craft through which the living vibrant Flame of the Dark Queen and Her Kin will once again be earthed into the body of the Dragon.

Once fully formed, this Stellar Gate will be a location of immense power in which the rituals, work, devotion and exaltation of the Four Great Gods of the Primal Atlantean Arte - Sepheranz, Belial, Lucifer and Hecate - may be undertaken. Ritual work of the Four Pillars of Fire and many other dedications and projects may be held here through liason with the Gatekeeper of the Garden. 

In 2016 The Garden was opened as the Second Pillar of Fire - The Throne of Hecate manifested in the Realm of Incarnate Desire - connecting it to both Mother Temple and the Temple of Belial. All formations of The Garden, alongside all work undertaken by souls who pass through this Widdershins Gate - Hecate's Pillar of Fire - will be ensorcelled within the Queen of Hell's Witchflame. 

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                                                                                                                            THE TEMPLE OF BELIAL

The Temple of Belial is a physical and spiritual gateway secreted between mountain, cliff and sea in France - a place of communion and extreme personal devotion to the Lord of Wisdom. Within the Primal Current, gnosis to create this devotional gate was delivered by Belial directly to the Temple Administor in the form of unique transmissions. In 2015 The Temple of Belial was opened as the First Pillar of Fire of the Trident of Witchflame - connected to the Mother Temple - through which the Throne of The Crown Prince was manifested across the planes. This temple is certain to become a gateway of great significance over the coming years.

Trident Craft is the first French site dedicated to the Primal Current. It was opened as a small online presence and link to the physical temple in France. People wishing to undertake regular, devoted work, exploring the Primal Craft within France should contact the Temple Administrator directly through the Trident Craft site. 

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                                                                                                            THE TEMPLE OF THE PERFECT RED KING

Opened as the Throne of the Perfect Red King - the Threshold to Lucifer's Realm - this devotional temple exists on private land surrounded by 300 acres of Texan wilderness. The temple is overlooked by flocks of American Crows nesting above its gateway. The Gatekeeper of this Temple was drawn into the Primal Current after being chosen - physically marked by an entity, and envoy of Hecate - by the Witch Goddess for this role. Solstice empowerment of the Pillars of Flame and rite of passage - the baptism of a soul who has undertaken the Pact of the Toad Witch - have revealed the Path of the Perfect Red King of Sulphur to the custodian of His Temple Gates. 

The outer formation of this temple consists of huge standing stones. The stones at the Cardinal Gates - the Pillars of Fire - stand over eight feet in height and are surrounded by other, slightly smaller, standing stones each around 6 feet tall; forming the central vortex of flame. All stones are erected in alignment with the Rites of Hecate and Lucifer's Witchflame Arte. The central vortex hosts a raised fire pit. The Blood-Red Crystal Heart of Lucifer was placed in the temple in sacrificial, ritual empowerment of this sacred gateway in accordance with the instruction of the Gods. 

The Temple of the Perfect Red King is a Pillar of Fire connected to the Mother Temple in Spain. Ignited with the formula of Hecate's Primal Witchcraft the temple is a vortex - a gateway to the realm of the Emperor of Illumination and Stellar Fire. This is the Throne of Lucifer manifested in the World of Man.

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