All volumes of the Trident and the series of unique grimoires dealing with specialist aspects and elements of this work, through which the tangential pathways of the Gods of the Ancient Arte of Witchcraft may be explored in full, are now published exclusively through Primal Craft. 

The dedication of Primal Craft Occult Publishing to this sole purpose ensures the manifestation of the knowledge of the Witchcraft Trident in the form of very high quality and truly magickal books. Each and every single volume will be individually consecrated in full ritual possession unsealing the gateways and awakening the spirits of the book's patron within. Each book will be a living talisman of the Witchcraft Arte.

These book are the result of direct contact with the Gods and spirits of Witchcraft. They enable the student of this Arte to walk its pathways in full upon a journey of soul transformation and spiritual ascendance. Within each book there is a transmutational path. The books of the Trident are created to act as gateways and links to their respective patron Gods. 

Details of forthcoming releases may be obtained by emailing primalcraft@gmail.com


The purpose of Primal Craft as a whole is to assist others in the attainment of direct spiritual contact with the Gods of Witchcraft. This is the true inner path to soul ascension. The Gnosis of the Trident is slowly being returned. Primal Craft is the gateway to the Mother Temple of Four Pillars of Fire - in Southern Spain - where chosen devotees undergo initiation, making their own entry into the Book of Hecate. The souls who undertake this pilgrimage, and those who immerse themsleves in the mysteries of self-initiation - through the rites, rituals and trials of fire found within the Trident Trilogy and Books of the Way of Sacrifice - are the devotees of this craft who now carry its flame forward throughout this aeon. Emissaries of gateways such as the Garden of the Fountain of the Gods and the covens and vortices of power through which this current flows, are keepers of the mysteries - revealed unto them in direct contact by the Gods of the Witchflame Trident. The foundations of the Four Pillars of Fire are slowly being laid.

The Path of Hecate awaits all who hear Her call.



My name is Mark Smith. I am a writer and practitioner of Primal Witchcraft. Throughout my entire life I have been a dedicated student of the Goddess of Witchcraft, Hecate. Primal Craft is the foundation through which I am able to assist others who wish to walk the path of the Dark Queen.

Since childhood I have heard Her call. Though I was at that time unaware of Her true identity, my connection to the Witchflame Goddess goes as far back as I can remember. There were others who came with Hecate during these infant years, but they remained in the background at that time. It is with the Queen of Hell that I have always had the strongest link. This was the beginning of my re-awakening; in this incarnation at least.

As I grew and my horizons expanded, so too did my practice of the Ancient Craft. There were obviously times when my focus would shift, as required, to various aspects of mundane life; such is the necessary balance of the incarnate form.

After thirteen years in the military and several years in a certain private enterprise sector, to which I was drawn by the money on offer, I became wholly dissatisfied with my life and moved to Southern Spain. Here I found that the climate and pace of life agreed not only with my physical being but also the intense spiritual practices so regularly brought forth through my contact with the Dark Goddess. It was at this point that I was ready to give myself over fully to my greatest passion, and what I know to be my true calling, in the Ancient Craft of the Wise. In love, honour and total commitment everyday of my life is now dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual ascendance and the acquisition of the deeper hidden gnosis which lies, waiting to be discovered, along the Dark Path of Hecate.

I do not claim any ancient lineage through my ancestors, nor do I claim heritage through coven initiation. The consumate journey upon this path is taken at the level of the soul, far beyond the ego and politics of human minds. It is for this reason that direct contact with the spirits and Gods of the Ancient Arte, both Empyrean and Infernal, is essential for those who wish to truly advance upon the path of the Dark Queen.


The Primal Craft embodies the pure current of the Queen of Hell, Heaven and Earth. The teachings within incorporate the rituals of dedication and initiation, spirit evocation and the calling to one's aid of familiars and guides. Much emphasis is placed upon the sabbatic inner plane journeys which lead through the Nightside paths to the subsequent exploration of outer gateways and the acquisition of the knowledge and power contained both within and beyond these dimensional worlds.

Witchcraft should not suffer the human condition of the false ego within its teachings; a problem which has regularly manifested in so many orders and organised groups, both historic and modern. While human contact and mentoring may initially be necessary to guide and aid a student of the Arte along the first steps of their path, the greater and more in-depth lessons will always be given upon the inner planes; or at the very least, in direct contact through physical plane manifestation; by the kin of Hecate, the Gods of the Witchcraft.

Every teacher of the Witch's Arte should know: That the genuine, dedicated students who are guided to them by the spirits of the Craft should always transcend beyond their own level of success and attainment.

Through the rites of dedication and initiation connection can be made at the level of the soul to the primal current of Hecate. This is the Magickal Fire which ignites the seed of Witchblood, releasing power which lies dormant and sealed within the immortal soul.

Once connection has been achieved the power of Hecate may be drawn upon, and integrated within, the further teachings of this ancient arte. Through this infusion of magickal energy into these practices; some of which include both the petitioning of the Gods of the Witchcraft to appear in physical manifestation and the intense merging of mind, body and spirit with these beings in the works of full possession; the link with the Primal current of Hecate is forged and increased.

Many of the greatest lessons of the Ancient Craft, such as the rites of sexual magick, are taught by the Witch Gods themselves. Teachings such as this initiate the powerful transmutational elevation of the soul and are often presided by Hecate; Her power flowing initially in its lower, lunar vibration through the gate of Moon, before later increasing to its stellar vibration. This is the opening of the Gates of the Draconian Path where begins a journey which will lead the soul in transmutation through the Nightside worlds of the Witch Gods. These are the children of Hecate led by Her Son, Brother and Consort, the Horned God Lucifer.

Direct contact with these beings brings power and gnosis that is beyond the teachings of mortal man. This is the True Path of Hecate, one which leads in soul transition and spiritual  transmutation through ancient, hidden gateways back to the Throne of the Dark Witch Queen.