Custom-Made Talismanic Sigils


Many sigils of the Primal Craft are beautiful artworks in their own right - their intricate detail revealing formula of the Arte Magickal. Now, with talismanic dibond polished metal artworks it is possible to recreate and individually empower these magickal glyphs. Whether as altar decoration, gateways of power (such as the Gates of Fire or Gateways of the Demon Princes) or vortices of evocation for indoor temples, these sigils are beautifully presented in talismanic dibond. 
Custom-made Sigils of the Primal Witch Arte are available in two versions. small (210 mm x 210 mm) and large (720mm x 550mm)
NB large dimensions vary from sigil to sigil due to their shape but each is circa 550 mm x 720 mm.
The Pact of Salwar for instance (shown below) is 600mm x 600mm as it is best framed in a square.


To order: choose the sigils that you wish to have custom made and ritually empowered from any Primal Craft Grimoire. 
Email with a scan or photograph of the respective sigillic image (page number, grimoire title and sigil name will suffice). State size required. I will confirm your order and forward a Paypal invoice. Once the invoice is paid the work will be undertaken and your sigillic talisman will be created and ritually empowered.
Large Talismanic sigils cost 363 Euros - Free Worldwide Shipping via secure courier
Small Talismanic sigils cost 95 Euros - Free Worldwide Shipping via priority mail (tracked)
All Dibond Polished Metal Arteworks are engraved on the back: signed and sigilised by myself. The spiritual essence of the respective Witch God and Vortex will be ritually ensouled into the image in blood ritual and possession - opening the Sigil Arte as a talismanic gateway.  Metal Artwork Talismans do not need to be framed. Each image comes with its own mount fitted, 
allowing it to be immediately hung. 
Below are just a few examples ( including the Seals of the Witch GodsThe Four Great Gates of Fire) in both large and small sizes to illuminate their beauty and power. Some of these such as The Body of the Dark Goddess Supreme and The Pact of Salwar are from the forthcoming Grimoire Crown Prince of the Sabbat and were chosen to illuminate the level of detail and beauty we can achieve with these talismanic vortices. The copy of Crown Prince of the Sabbat shows the scale. 

Large  Size Talismanic Sigil Examples:
The Sigil of the Pact of Salwar (large - 600mm x 600mm )
Close up of the centre piece of The Pact of Salwar shows its stunning detail
Glyph of The Body of the Dark Goddess Supreme (large - 720mm x 550 mm)


Small Size Talismanic Sigil Examples:
The Four Great Gates of Fire (small - 210mm x 210 mm )
Close up of seal of The Fourth Great Gate of Fire (small - 210 mm x 210 mm)

Seals of the Four Gods of Witchflame and The Crown of Lucifer / Thaumiel (210mm x 210mm)

Close up of The Primary Seal of Hecate (small 210mm x 210mm)

Large and Small Talismanic Sigils Together:

Large Talismanic sigils costs 363 Euros - Free Worldwide Shipping via secure courier.
Small Talismanic sigils cost 95 Euros - Free Worldwide Shipping via priority mail (tracked).
In Devotion and With Blessing,
In the Shadow of The Trident,
Cast By Lucifer’s Flame,
In Nomine Hecate,