The Grail Blood of the Witch Queen

The Blood of the Goddess rises once more to spill forth from Her Holy Chalice - as The Witchblood Grail enters production. There will be no preorder with this volume. Once the books arrive in Spain for consecration I will open subscriber sales for one week prior to releasing them to the public. All copies will be hand-numbered, signed and sigilised. This will be our most luxurious tome yet.
To acquire previous titles in the Primal Craft Grimoire Trilogies series, and attain gnosis from out of print volumes, see the sections on self initiation and current book stock see the respective title pages on this site.
The Path of Self Initiation:

To assist those of you who wish to walk The Path of the Initiate in solitary practice I am offering a complimentary package containing two PDF programmes. For more info click here